recently . . .

1. We adopted a sweet stray cat who literally kept trying to come in our door one night as we held Evening Prayer in our home for some folks from Church. We thought she was a kitten because she's so little, but the vet said she's actually an older, malnourished, deaf cat. We named her Lily Belle even though she can't hear us. She's already looking much healthier and purrs when we walk into her (temporary) upstairs room. I'll have to take an updated photograph soon. So now there are three.

2. This is my new favorite music by a favorite band, Sun Kil Moon. Their artwork and music make me swoon:

3. Finally, the Art House America Blog launched! I'm an official editor now, my eyes twitching from fatigue and a wee bit o' stress. But I'll get used to my new role in good time. I'm so thankful for this job, and the AHA Blog. There are seven articles posted so far, two of 'em by me:

"To Sing in Feast or Famine," and

"All Aboard the Coal Train!"

By the way, if you want an AHA Blog button for your blog, just click here. I'm a fan of buttons.

[image by Jacob Wick]

4. My drummer-husband, Johnny, turned a very handsome 43 yesterday! We baked my aunt Pat's carrot cake recipe — his favorite cake — and celebrated with a few friends at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant, the Blue Nile, last night. Two of those friends were our super cute 4-year-old Godson, Judah, and his Dad, Omar. I dig Judah's shirt, don't you? And selfishly, it was amazing to be able to partake of all the celebratory, culinary delights this year. Praise be to God.

Oh, and several kind people and myself chipped in so that Johnny could order an iPad today! He is SO. HAPPY. That's kind of what I was going for — his utter, stunned happiness. He deserves an iPad and much, much more.

5. Lastly, in two days I leave for the Glen Workshop in Santa Fe, NM. I'm taking a Spiritual Writing class from Lauren F. Winner. I am both excited and terrified, but mostly excited. I'll get to see a beautiful part of the country, see/meet both new and old friends, and learn how to write much better. Plus, I believe the 18 page manuscript I turned in is the first (rough) chapter to my first memoir. Yep, a book. Already? Am I high??

I can't wait to get back to narrative blogging. I've missed y'all!

Happy weekend.


Robyn Jones Clark said...

so utterly proud for you, jenni! :) God is good!

Kimberly said...

woo hoo!!! you're doing an awesome job. proud of you!

Anonymous said...

man! judah is huuuuuuge! i hardly recognized him. time flies....