I escaped the office today for lunch. I explored a little vegetarian place called Tien Ren. It was very "Zen." A nice Asian man led me to a table and offered me the buffet. I accepted and ordered a beverage of iced green tea. My favorite buffet items were tofu & tomato, spicy green beans, and the fried banana I had for dessert. The fresh fruit also hit the spot. As I ate, I noticed a TV across the room showing only scenes from nature. No words or people, just nature and music. Interesting. I guess that was supposed to be peaceful, or maybe it was good feng shui.

After a lot of (fun!) data entry at work, I left for the day on a mission for coffee, as usual. When I arrived home to our apartment, I realized the weather was stunning - blue sky, not too hot or cold, and a gentle breeze. Without taking my belongings inside, I grabbed my book and coffee headed for a picnic table near the pool. I sat and drank in the rich words of Sigrid Undset and immersed myself in her historical fiction set in Norway. You can literally drink each paragraph. Dear God, I love the Kristin Lavransdatter books. As I read, my alternate thoughts were of questions, laments, confusion, anger, unknown, why?, how?, and prayers. My tired eyes looked at a dog jubilantly running to and from his master, and the sun gently beamed down on my back. The most gentle peace poured over my head, round my shoulders, down my back, to my sandaled-feet. That was better than Zen.

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