I should visit our gym today but as I predicted upon first conscious thought this morning, I will not set foot in the 24 Hour Fitness door along with the initial inhalation of sweat and citrus disinfectant. I might go tomorrow after work but I will definitely climb the PreCor on Saturday, I promise. I am confessing because I realize how easily discipline disappears. I've even been slacking in my Bible reading which perplexes me but alas, I am a sinner. I do pray a Confession almost daily from the prayer book which includes, "We have left undone those things which we ought to have done......."

Even so, redemption appears without end which imparts peace to my lazy soul. Today is not a memory yet. My tasks ahead include reading a few Psalms, a vanilla-scented shower, homemade lunch, errands around town, cleaning our bathroom, dusting, reading, and watching the addictive show 24 on DVD with Johnny as we sip red wine. I think that is a pleasant balance of work and rest on my day off. As they say, tomorrow is another day. A day to strive to be more disciplined, "to order my day aright that I may gain a heart of wisdom," I believe the Good books says.

{Reading: Dakota: A Spiritual Geography by Kathleen Norris. $5.48 to Half Price Books customers but a mere $2.75 to the happy employee.

Loving: The new 99 Cent Only store down the street. You know, the big, bright, clean stores. Not Dollar General. Money has been elusive this week so I visited the new store just to see what bargains I could score. Victory: A jar of pickle slices, box of Butterfinger hot chocolate, package of Newman's organic dark chocolate peanut butter cups (if only I had known they were 3 for a dollar!!), a scouring sponge, and a loaf of Sara Lee honey wheat bread = $3.86!

Favorite recent quote: "This is a fuzzy wuzzy. Fuzzy wuzzies don't do anything bad, they just sit there and go fuzz."
~ Isabella Noelle Birsinger as she found a tiny dust bunny while sitting on her "Issy-potty" and I sat in the bathroom entertaining her. (Johnny and I were babysitting she and her little brother Athan.)

In other thoughts: I've transformed into a cat person. I continue to love dogs but if Johnny and I always care for a cat as cute as Buddy, we will be blissful folk. 20 minutes ago Buddy was ecstatically inactive inside our dryer buried in a mound of clothes. Cruel housewife that I am, I pulled both His Majesty and our clothes out in order to dry my jeans. Now Buddy is comatose beside me on our couch in a near fetal position. As I rub his tummy he is actually smiling. Now he is asleep reclining in such a way that he can touch my PJ pants with his paw. It IS cute.}

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