I'm not going to the gym after all. Yeah, yeah, I confess once again. My new goal is Monday and that's all I'm going to say. I think exercise is important and I believe I need to do it more often but I'm not going to beat myself up on the rare week I slack a bit. My desire for the gym is to be healthy not BUFF. Johnny happens to like my hips and curves and his opinion is the only one I do and should care about.

What did I do this morning? Enjoyed coffee and Grape Nuts (ok, and two Newman-O's - the organic version of Oreos), checked the Drudge Report and my e-mail, and edited/added to my Amazon wish list. Yes, the Amazon wish list is actually important; not so people will send me gifts but for the purpose of remembering what I want to read, view, and listen to later. Plus, as of yesterday I had to clean off my shelf at work which I must do every month so I added the items to my wish list. I purchased these three books yesterday, though:

-A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken (I read this beautiful, true story a long time ago and the one I purchased is "Davy's edition", a maroon cloth cover with prints of photographs, C.S. Lewis' letters, and Davy's paintings. It only cost me around $1.50.)

-The Spirit of Writing edited by Mark Robert Waldman (I have no idea what to write but I still love to read about writers. I bond with them somehow though it's a mystery to me. Again, it only cost me $1.50.)

-The Pregnancy Herbal by Jaqulene Harper-Roth (No Mom, I am not pregnant. I WILL TELL YOU! I saw this book a few months ago but since I was not pregnant I dutifully placed it on its proper shelf. Yesterday morning as I vacuumed the store I spied it on a clearance rack which means it cost me only 50 cents. Why the heck not?! After all, I will be pregnant one day and an herbal pregnancy will satisfy my inner hippie.)

{I'm dying to tell you the list of names Johnny and I have already chosen for our children:

Genevieve Grace Simmons - a longtime desire of mine in which to name my daughter, first inspired by the gorgeous Son Volt song "Tear Stained Eye" and the prayer life of St. Genevieve.
John Calvin Simmons - he shall be called Calvin; mostly because his parents are Calvinists and partly after Calvin, companion of Hobbes.
Seraph Simmons - chosen by my husband because it means "Angel", more specifically "fiery serpent/dragon" in Hebrew. (More on this later.)

I realize Johnny and I are being quite presumptuous for we believe very strongly we will bear Genevieve and Calvin. They seem literally real to me this very day. Call us crazy (we are) or just call it Faith of the knowledge God will graciously bless our family with healthy children which we do not deserve. We don't deserve any Grace for that matter. (Hence Genevieve's middle name.) We are not as convinced of Seraph's birth but hey, mystery is part of Life.


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