Hallelujah, I have a day off tomorrow and it begins now. I am thankful for my job at Half Price Books but it is harder work than you might imagine. Thus my days off are like mini-vacations in paradise. I've recently realized though a bookseller is a very "me" job, oh how I wish, hope, and pray I will be a freelance writer. It's not that I think a writing career would be easier. The writing I did for my old job revealed several challenges but ones that I found fulfilling when it was said and done and published on our web site. The challenges I face at the bookstore do teach me significant lessons as I "ora et labora" (Latin for pray and work, a Benedictine motto, says one of my favorite authors, Kathleen Norris) and believe me, I DO pray and work as I face an irrational customer especially within our chaotic buy area. Even my less confrontational daily tasks in the bookstore are forms of prayer. But lately I have truly desired to use the gifts God bestowed to me for His glory and strangely enough I think writing is one of those gifts; not because the small amount of writing I've done is profound or will make me famous but because I just know He has gifted me in writing. Call it Faith.

I might add that I still have no idea how to make a writing career work. Zip, nada. Nonetheless I shall not worry. I will continue to work and pray while I shelve books and while I write. And sit here and relax this peace-filled evening. I watched a bit of the Republican National Convention on Fox News. I scanned the TV for a friend of mine working for Vice Presidential Advancement. (The last time we hung out and sipped bubble tea she told me tales of escorting Gorbechav during a party for former President Bush #41 and literally nearly running into President Bush #43 in a hallway.) I sipped a White Russian as Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger proclaimed, "Terrorism is more insidious than Communism." I folded clothes and washed towels. Now I'm admiring the light of a French vanilla candle and pondering another White Russian.

Yes, I will have another drink and enjoy my book. Goodnight.

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