Taco Hell

Today, for the first time at the bookstore, I called in sick. On Labor Day. That doesn't look fishy or anything. But I truly am sick thanks to Taco Bell which I ate late Saturday night. Of course I've heard tales of questionable meat content but I still eat it when the strange cravings occur. A late night snack of a bean burrito and a soft taco for only $1.71!

Ah, the memories. My Taco Bell days are over for a good, long while. Since Saturday night I've felt Ick. My illness was confirmed when Johnny's lunch of homemade chicken korma smelled foul. My staples have been Pepto, Campbell's chicken soup, ginger ale, ginger hot tea, and Saltines - all thanks to Johnny who went to the grocery store. And, I just enjoyed strawberry Jell-O. These are the perfect sick foods aiding me to climb out of Taco Hell. When I called my boss today all he said was, "Ah. Hope you feel better." I got the impression he has been to Taco Hell and back. So has my good friend's husband. If I were into conspiracies I would proclaim that Taco Bell tucks a butt drug into random, innocent-looking burritos.

{The last sentence strongly inspired by the comedic art of}

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