I recommend Kleenex

I just watched the movie I am Sam and I boldy state that I cried buckets o' tears. Sean Penn often annoys me in real life but he is a grrreat actor. I already was to some degree but I am now an ardent Dakota Fanning fan. (Please forgive my horrible sentence structure.) She is a brilliant young actress - dear God, may she always pick good scripts. And I've always been a Michelle Pfeiffer fan since seeing her sing "Cool Rider" as a Pink Lady - she's purty. (Johnny thinks she is a "Two-Face.") But she did a great job in this film, also. The soundtrack is a wonderful compilation of Beatles' songs; it reminds me of my friend Trenda who used to play it at her desk of our old job.

Needless to say, you should see this movie.

Did I mention while watching Lucy paint and play soccer I wanted to have our children, Genevieve and Calvin, SO bad? Godspeed! We are not God so we don't know but we think Genevieve will arrive first. It would be adorable if she played drums like her Daddy.

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