Go ahead, make fun of me

Right now I am watching the TV reality show, Dancing With the Stars. Even better, (worse?) I've watched the whole summer season. And, I voted online for Joey and Ashly last week! It is a delightfully cheesy show. The old drill team officer in me enjoys critiquing the dancers. And, the hidden dancer in me has fun thinking, "I could do that!" Or, "Could I do that?" I bet my aunt Denise is astonished to read there is a hidden dancer in me since I barely shook my hips at the Old 97's concert in Gruene, TX two weeks ago.

Did I mention that Joey was formerly a New Kid on the Block? Or that in my teeny-bopper years I thought he was cute singing "Please Don't Go Girl?" I guess my voting for him is mostly due to nostalgia though he is a great dancer........

Vote for Joey and Ashly! It's the least you could do since I've divulged embarrassing aspects of myself tonight.

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