I'm on a writing hiatus........

However, I received a sparkling profound quote via an e-mail. Within the last 4-6 weeks I've struggled with severe muscle spasms in my back, physical therapy, digestive problems (to put it politely), tests to reveal the cause of my digestion problems, and now a toothache which if you know me well you also know I would suffer through muscle spasms and digestive disorders any day and every day if it would keep me out of the dentist's chair. Of course I realize these fiascos of mine are enormously minor compared to a myriad of traumas that others suffer every day. I've pondered all of this today and realized the quote has illumined my pains and darkness during the past weeks and even today as I choose to trust God tomorrow whatever the dentist may diagnose:

"Just as bees are driven out by smoke and their honey is taken away from them, so a life of ease drives out the fear of the Lord from a man's soul and takes away all his good works."

-The Desert Fathers

(By the way, I am not above soliciting prayer on my blog. Please say a prayer that the dentist will find nothing worse than a cavity. PLEASE.)

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