We don't need AA

I re-read my "Sweet wine" entry and I have to tell you that our Church is not full of cussing alcoholics! Sure, most of us enjoy a good drink - who doesn't? The Bible does not prohibit drinking anyway. It prohibits drunken stupor and none of us reach that state, I assure you. If LaVaun ever reads my blog I hope she will laugh knowing I quoted her saying "bullshit." What I loved about her exclamation was we were the only two in the room at the time - she said it completely out of the blue. I've always had a strange fondness for cussing and cussers - in the right context, of course. You should also know I listen to LaVaun's comments in Bible study (we are studying Romans) and it is evident that she loves God's Word passionately. I learn a lot from her wisdom.

OK, I feel better now.


Challenger said...

Maybe we don't need AA but I do know that millions of cussing drunks have stopped running over kids, robbing stores and hitting their spouses because they found recovery in AA. Yet, maybe AA had nothing to do with it. I know it helped me and today because of AA and other programs including the JESUS program I am a different person. But, gosh, I think I will just agree with you, WE DON'T NEED AA BUT IT SURE WAS NICE OF BRO. BILL TO START IT UP JUST IN CASE WE DO NEED IT.

Johnny! said...

Um, Mr. Challenger, all Jenni was saying was that we, the parishoners of our Church, are not drunkards, and therefore don't need the AA program to kick the habit. No one was criticizing the program itself. See?