Drinking my Cajun heritage

This eve I'm sipping Cafe Du Monde coffee with chicory. I made it too strong which is alright. My belief is that in the art of coffee-making the margin of error should veer towards strong and dark. Cafe Du Monde is classic but I was on the hunt for French Market coffee with chicory; however, both Kroger and HEB failed to provide. I was jonesing for French Market coffee which my aunt Denise brews each morning I stay with her (in Austin, TX) along with a breakfast of wheat 'n' nut English muffins topped with Brummel and Brown yogurt spread, and a side of fresh fruit. We sit at her little kitchen table, eat our breakfast, listen to KUT radio (90.5 FM), and watch albino squirrels scamper in her front yard, peeking up and down, all around, quite paranoid creatures. It just so happens I was in Austin last weekend for the Texas Book Festival.

I drink the New Orleans brew tonight and say a prayer for all those making a new life after Hurricane Katrina. And I thank God for my Texan aunt Denise and all of our Cajun relatives God led my Mom to find a few years ago. I will tell you that story another day (it's a good one) and write more of my Austin book journey sometime this weekend.

Oh, I also found this information about chicory. I thought it was fascinating but then again, I'm a nerd.

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