Don't hate me because I copied you

My friend Kierstin posted a fun list on her blog today. I am taking a leap of faith tonight that she won't mind if I outright copy her idea. I really like these types of lists which many of you already know about me and if you didn't you should due to the fact I have two other similar blog posts. And, I am a Kate Winslet fan myself. So here goes, hopefully with Kierstin's approval:

My name: Jenni Simmons.

Childhood ambition: To be a veterinarian. To teach. To be a wife and mom. To write.

Fondest memory: My wedding day. Time with my late grandmother, Nina. Picking tomatoes with my grandfather, Papaw, in his garden.

Soundtrack: Living With Ghosts ~ Patty Griffin.

Retreat: The Gruene Apple Bed & Breakfast, and meandering down by the river and the tiny town of Gruene.

Wildest dream: To publish a good book.

Proudest moment: Becoming Mrs. Jenni Simmons. Caring for my grandmother, Nina, as she was dying in a nursing home.

Biggest challenge: Overcoming fear. Fighting sadness.

Alarm clock: Not my friend.

Perfect day: No alarm clock, coffee, gym, reading, dinner with Johnny, wine.

First job: Restaurant hostess.

Indulgence: Merlot and dark chocolate.

Last purchase: Groceries at Kroger.

Favorite movie: Walk the Line.

Inspiration: Art museums. Good books. Mountains. Sunshine and blue sky. Good music. Good movies. Incense.

My life: Blissful by the grace of God.

My card: Visa check card.

{A "real" blog post coming soon........}

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