Explanation for my current IM message

For the moment, when I'm signed on to Instant Messenger and available, my little message says, "Kanye is an idiot." For the sake of clarification that you may sleep better tonight, I will tell you why. It is not because Kanye West said President Bush doesn't care about black people. It is not because I almost loathe his genre of music. And, it is not because he recently posed on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine as Jesus. His posing as Jesus did bug me but whatever. Kanye West is an idiot because of this article I read on the Drudge Report today. As a Christian, I'm trying to be charitable but seriously, he thinks he should be in the Bible? Upon reading the short article I don't even think he reads the Bible but if he does, then he simply does not understand. Um, Kanye, the Bible has already been written by GOD. There will not be a modern version popping up anytime soon and if it does it will be heresy. There are different translations, but if any translator inserts your name in the Bible then they are an idiot (I really like the word idiot which is not charitable). Please quit saying silly things and just make music. My brother likes your music and I admire him so please, stick to music for his sake.

I hope this venting falls under righteous anger.

I feel like I'm really living up to the title Mrs. John Simmons right now.


Kimberly said...

The world is getting to be a smaller place due to the stupidity that reigns in it with idiots like Kanye and Brittney!!! Can we please do something about these idiots to make the world a safer place?!!! Seriously! First, Brittney is driving in her SUV with her baby boy in the driver's seat with her and NOW, Kanye thinks he deserving to be in the Bible... Sersiously?!! What is this world coming to?

Johnny! said...

From Proverbs 10:10:
"but a babbling fool will come to ruin."

He is in the Bible!