I smell

Johnny calls me The Lotion Fairy due to the myriad of lotions and body sprays in the cabinet below our bathroom sink, most of them from Bath and Body Works. This cracks up my Mom; before I worked at Whole Earth Provisions Co., I worked at The Body Shop in Willowbrook Mall. During my employment and for years following, I was a loyal Body Shop Purist and thought Bath and Body Works below me. Despite my beliefs, my Mom began to wear Bath and Body's Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion and I was shocked to find it a lovely, calming scent. My snobbery faded and I, too, began to wear the vanilla moisturizer. I've tried several other smells from Bath and Body Works but Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Cream is a staple in my collection.

During the Christmas season I discovered a new fragrance that has become a staple in my collection as well: Indigo Wild's Frankincense and Myrrh roll-on perfume. This is also a progression from my past snobbery because I once deemed roll-on fragrances "white trash." Maturity is beautiful: now I roll on the Frankincense and Myrrh, then rub on Warm Vanilla Sugar. Strangely, the combined scents are warmly elegant and most likely my signature fragrance for a long spell. I figure if frankincense and myrrh are good enough for Jesus, they are not good enough for me, but neither is His forgiveness, mercy, grace, attentiveness to my prayers nor anything else He does for me and all of Creation literally every second of each day.

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