For one, it is delightfully chilly in Houston. While Harley Cat roamed in and out of our apartment via the porch door, I needed a blanket as I read more of Lauren Winner's book this morning, and I still need fuzzy leopard-print slippers to warm my feet. Also, Johnny placed our mailbox treasures on the bar - one was Sting's Bring on the Night DVD! And it was gloriously free, thanks to Paste magazine. Not only is Paste the best music & film magazine, but they give readers a free sampler CD and/or DVD with every issue, have free Podcasts that make my gym workouts much less banal, and regular contests on their web page that are sinfully easy. You can search for the answers using their search bar and win free DVDs or CDs! I rarely win contests, but God shined His Light on our household for Johnny is also a Sting fan. Lastly, Christine told me about the music of Stephanie Dosen who will release a new CD soon which I anticipate. Her music is ethereal, poetic folk-pop, lyric-centric and lovely. While listening to tracks on her her MySpace page, I learned my new favorite word, lampyridae, which means fireflies. She describes her music as "moody ethereal cradlesongs lit by lampyridae." Now there is a CD I want to review!

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Christine said...

Yes! Stephanie Dosen sounds like someone you'd want to listen to while talking with a friend on a screened-in porch on a summertime evening! :)