Five Senses Friday, Day 5

1. Johnny Cash on Sesame Street. As I meant to say, yet another reason why I adore Johnny Cash.
2. United 93. Important and excellent.
3. Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler on Letterman.
4. Johnny's (literally) fluorescent-pink Xpand drink to enhance his workouts.
5. Yogabeans!

1. Olba's inhaler.
2. The lunch my friend Nerisa kindly cooked for us at her home yesterday: chicken fajitas topped with homemade pico de gallo, black bean and hominy casserole, Sesame Blues chips, and guacamole. Pineapple and a mug of Lady Grey hot tea for dessert.
3. Glass of cabernet at Peppino's Italian restaurant.
4. Sweet Eugene's, the best little coffee shop in College Station, TX.
5. A sniff of Johnny's brandy nightcap.

1. Jason Healthy Mouth tea tree oil & cinnamon mouthwash.
2. A hamburger topped with a layer of guacamole, between slices of Ezekiel 4:9 sesame bread.
3. Organic spinach salad.
4. Shrimp sauteed in a garlic-white wine sauce at Peppino's.
5. Organic Bosc pears.

1. NPR's Morning Edition as I get ready for Church each Sunday morning.
2. The dryer tumbling.
3. Harley Cat's guttural meow: defending himself against a new neighbor's cat on the other side of the window.
4. A thunderstorm while at Nerisa's house and her son Isaac saying, "You need an ubba!" (ubba = umbrella)
5. Sound check for Johnny and the Smith Band at Breakaway in College Station, TX.

1. iBook - an oven on my lap.
2. Teeny-tiny, Jetson-esque acidophilus pearls.
3. Gripping weight machines at the gym.
4. Harley Cat playing with my toes as I do Pilates.
5. Warm cup of gunpowder green tea at Sweet Eugene's. Caffeine!


Anthony said...

I really like this. If ever I start a blog I'm totally stealing this idea. Very cool, revealing and interesting.

Jenni said...

I stole the idea from another blog, so please feel free to participate in my theft. I think you should start a blog.....