Five Senses Friday, Day 11

1. A large arrangement of elegant red roses on top of Papaw's casket. He loved roses and grew them all around the Baptist Memorial grounds in San Angelo, TX. He also gave one crimson rose to his wife Joy on the 10th of every month.
2. A gorgeous yellow calla lily and ivy plant from the funeral which my family allowed me to bring home.
3. How handsome Johnny, my brother, my Dad, and my uncle looked in their suits.
4. Driving back to Houston at dusk, peering into the lavender sky, and feeling a tangible sense of Heaven, and of Papaw & all the saints singing 'round the throne of Jesus.
5. A striking glimpse of my late Memaw in her brother Lewis's face.

1. Papaw's bottle of Aramis cologne in his bathroom.
2. Roses as I leaned near Papaw's casket one more time.
3. Jasmine body spray, lovely after the funeral and the heat.
4. Nature's Gate Tea Tree conditioner in the crappy hotel shower.
5. The other beautiful flower arrangements in our car as we took them to Papaw and Joy's apartment.

1. Fried chicken and peach cobbler at the Church's funeral luncheon.
2. Sahale Ksar blend snack purchased at Target in San Angelo.
3. Chilled water bottles as we chatted after the graveside service in the West Texas heat.
4. Shopping at Eggemeyer's General Store with my Mom and brother, purchasing a few tea bags, and then making a cup of Taylors of Harrogate Darjeeling in our hotel room coffee pot.
5. White wine.

1. Soloist Tom Martin singing "All Because of Calvary" at the funeral. Papaw wrote this song and Tom did a good job.
2. All of us singing "Amazing Grace" at the graveside service. This was my Dad's suggestion as Papaw sang it at his own Mom's, brother's, and sister's funerals.
3. My Dad telling every family member and friend how much he loves his son-in-law.
4. Papaw's pastor giving a perfect funeral sermon - it honored Jesus and celebrated Papaw's life.
5. "The Pearl" by Emmylou Harris.

1. Papaw's bolo ties.
2. Switching places with Johnny at the funeral to sit by my little brother. I linked my arm in his as we tried to sing "Victory in Jesus" toward the end.
3. Placing a rose atop the casket at the gravesite.
4. Hugging my cousins Melissa's and Meredyth's necks. It had been way too long.
5. Papaw's blue and white seersucker suit hanging in his closet.


Annie said...

A lovely post. Thank you for sharing.

March to the Sea said...

very nice. Question you wrote:
He also gave one crimson rose to his wife Joy on the 10th of every month.

Is there a significance to this? Just curious if it means something on the "10th day" or what have you.

Jenni said...

Their wedding anniversary was on a 10th, but I'm ashamed to say I can't remember which month - it will come to me as I sort through memories. Papaw and Joy were married 14 years and since they married so late in life, he wanted to celebrate their marriage every month vs. every year. Papaw said, "At our age, we should celebrate all the time."

Christine said...

What a precious man. Just from hearing your memories, I can tell he loved well and was a well-loved man. I love the idea of celebrating every month. Thank you for sharing, as always :)


March to the Sea said...

thanks for telling me what the 10th was all about..its the 13th for me! Some cultures see 13 as lucky..and that is how I view of my 2 little ones was born on a 13th as well!