James Oliver Green Strother, October 20, 1912 - June 12, 2006

I didn't post this picture before because my eyes are closed, I don't think the picture is flattering of me, and other self-absorbed reasons. I don't care anymore because Papaw passed away a few hours ago. Thankfully, he merely laid down, and when a nurse checked on him 10-15 minutes later, he was with our Lord Jesus.

I now love this picture. My eyes are closed because I was laughing. Papaw always wanted me to sit in his lap every time we visited. He wanted me to sit on his lap during this very trip when I was 31 years old. I laughed because he pulled me down into his lap and held on tight, surprisingly strong for a 93-year-old man. I love this man. He was the Godliest man I knew. I will miss him every day. I will miss his songs. I will miss his jokes and innocent flirting with waitresses while speaking Spanish. I will miss his Bible readings during every Christmas family gathering. I will miss at least 100 other things that I cannot possibly write at the moment. But I will see him again on the far-side banks of Jordan. I will worship Jesus for all eternity right along with Papaw and all the saints - glorious even through my tears.


Megan said...

What a heritage to leave behind. A legacy of godliness and a granddaughter who respected and honored him. I am happy for you to have had a granddad like this and I'm sad for you in your loss.

Thanks for posting the picture.

Christine said...

What a sweet, precious man. Jenni, thank you for sharing those memories and that adorable picture. You can tell you really love him and he's just holding you so tight. I love it. Heaven has gained another wonderful angel :)