Five Senses Friday, Day 19

1. White egrets.
2. My Mom gave me her old "Christmas at Our House" journal from 1980, and a letter she wrote to my grandmother when my brother started walking which would make me 3 or 4.
3. A rainbow.
4. Our neighbor moved away, and she gave us a 5-level cat tower. It's kind of an eyesore in our small living room, but it makes Harley happy. Such a big toy will fit better in our house.
5. Our gym's schedule - free Yoga classes since we are members!

1. Burning frankincense and amber incense - it's been awhile, and smells lovely.
2. Mill Creek henna shampoo and conditioner. The best price per quantity I've found at Whole Foods, and both are free of sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates and parabens!
3. Tandoori chicken on our grill.
4. Seventh Generation toilet cleaner.
5. The scent of Old Spice shower gel on Johnny's skin.

1. Cantaloupe.
2. Grape tomatoes.
3. Yaya's Raw Rah spinach curry crackers.
4. Green grapes.
5. Chilled Guayaki Empower Mint yerba mate energy drink.

1. Last night we thought we heard a round of gun shots, and our neighbors thought likewise. Those who had 'em grabbed their guns (including Johnny). Thankfully, it was only a group of kids setting off fireworks on the street next to our building.
2. The book of Romans on CD while driving.
3. Myself singing Gillian Welch songs while I put away dishes.
4. Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album turned up very loud while I continued to clean up the kitchen. And this is for you Aunt Denise - I danced around to "Second Hand News!"
5. I calmed down to "Songbird," one of my mushy Johnny songs.

1. The carpet, while stretching my back.
2. Purple Preserve toothbrush.
3. Thieves oil on my feet.
4. Sinuses pressing on ALL of my top teeth - ouch.
5. Packing Johnny's lunch: tuna, banana, roasted sweet potato fries, carrots, and celery. Healthy, huh?

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gregg said...

Rumors is one of my favorite albums.