Milo Update

We watch our friends' babies grow faster than we can fathom, and I often ponder what it would be like to watch a newborn morph right before my eyes - into an infant, toddler, child, and so forth. Milo Kitten has provided a glimpse of that glorious mystery. One day we realized he looks like a CAT:

A few of these pictures will be fuzzy due to Milo's ever-wriggling, twisting, and manic behavior:

I grabbed the scruff of his neck which renders him fairly still with a shocked, confused expression:

See? Another fuzzy photo while Milo rolled around on his back trying to eat Johnny's fingers:

Next, Milo tried to eat my fingers. Please make note of my continual anti-fashion statement. Admittedly, I wear T-shirts too much in general, but old, comfy T-shirts + pants are my PJ's of choice, and excellent apparel for feeding and cleaning kittens. Even if I am merely assisting Johnny while he takes on kitten duty, I never know which feline fluids may end up on my clothes:

The deft scruff-grabbing maneuver with an added butt-grabbing technique. This works pretty well when Johnny douses Milo with ringworm medicine and I play the role of vet assistant:

Johnny's turn to grab Milo's scruff so you can see Milo's cute tummy, and a partial view of Johnny's cute, sleepy eyes; I've always loved Johnny's eyes:

Milo, post-feeding, again with the finger-eating, and look how much his eyes have developed:

This is what we call Taco Time. It occurs after Poop Time followed by the obvious Cleaning Time. Milo shivers and yelps 'til we wrap him in a towel taco for warmth and hugging against our chests. Milo reaches up to touch our faces and affectionately lick our lips (Johnny will be such a cute Dad):

Milo back in jail, with crazy eyes, in disbelief, "No more finger-eating?":

On the other side of the bedroom door, Harley Cat waits, alternating patience and impatience, next to his favorite toy in the universe - Feathers on a Stick. He thinks this object is a real, live bird. He chases it until he sounds asthmatic, out of breath. He also does The Best Thing Ever - jousting! He carries the toy around by the feathers, jousting the stick into tables, doors, our legs, walls, you get the idea:

Back in the bedroom, between the prayer bench and armoire, a painting of Johnny by his friend David Ohlerking. The painting is on the floor awaiting a big wall in our future house. This painting has nothing to do with Milo, but it is based on a picture of Johnny at our wedding rehearsal dinner which I love:

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