I am playing with the new beta version of Blogger, and I gave What I'm Reading its own list. Next I wondered, What the heck should I write under About Me? Having no clue, I listed a quirky medley that inspires me, but the list is subject to alteration. I find new objects, scents, art, and so on, that inspire me every day, month, and year. If you have eyes to see, you, too, will find evidence of the Creator brimming in odd locales, in humble sights, even in darkness; Light is ever-gleaming.

One item in About Me are letterpress cards and prints. My love affair with the letterpress began with The Indian Hill Press from which I ordered simple cream-colored cards imprinted with a diminutive guitar by New England folk artist Daniel A. Waters. Sadly, The Indian Hill Press is no longer creating cards, but you can still order beautiful prints by Waters - see the dahlia above.

Then I found gorgeous cards by Eloquent Ink at Bookpeople in Austin. I purchased a graceful, blue bird design for a friend, and a white winter tree/deep blue background for Aunt Denise, and one for me. I fell in love with other colors and designs on Eloquent Ink's web site, but they informed me they do not sell to individuals, only special order via a store, such as Bookpeople. I replied, Well, I live in Houston with no such stores; PLEASE sell to me? They kindly refused and I pouted (again). 70 x 7, says Jesus, so I forgave Eloquent Ink whose name is a poem depicting their art to a tee.

I spied this calendar in Whole Foods which is sold out, but yippee - I can order online at BuyOlympia! As far as I understand, it is not letterpress art; Nikki McClure (the artist) uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper. Her craft is lovely nonetheless. But BuyOlympia does offer a slew of charming letterpress items. Thank you, Jesus.

I surfed online too long this morning, but it was God's Providence for I discovered Port2Port Press's Card Society: subscriptions for 2 unique letterpress cards each month! I subscribed for one month, and after Christmas shopping for loved ones, I will probably subscribe for 3-6 months. Family and friends: you won't receive many e-cards for awhile. I am reverting back to the old-fashioned art of sending cards (though my handwriting sucks). I am also honing the skill of punctuality in hopes that you will find said cards nestled in your mailbox in a timely fashion. Don't give your hopes up for 2006 Christmas cards. Do expect nifty letterpress Christmas greetings in 2007.

Before I go, here are three other Friday inspirations: Listening to The Writer's Almanac online with morning coffee, Art for the Holidays Gift Guide, and Hand Carved Stamped Goods by abbytrysagain. More typewriters, and reindeer, fountain pens, umbrellas, bicycles, eyeglasses, and stamped Moleskines, oh my.


March to the Sea said...

when you converted did you need to save any links or anything? I need to just "do it"

Jenni said...

I think it saves a copy of your old template, but I would save your links just to be safe! The beta version is pretty cool, so "just do it."

Manic Mom said...

I'm scared to move to beta in case I would lose my old stuff. How is it much different? Easier?

allison said...

Minus your husband (but not his drumming!) and Mary Janes, and plus paper, your "About Me" could be mine. Even your choice of cuisine and love of letterpress (which induces a physical reaction in me-- my heart plummets like an elevator when I handle it) and, as many miserable recipients of my handscrawled letters can attest, my atrocious handwriting. Oh, and I'll trade cats for birds.

Jenni said...

Hi, Manic Mom. I do think beta is much easier. Even merely adding links is easier!

Allison, I take it as a high compliment that About Us is so similar! So you like different types of paper? Ok, wait - do you MAKE letterpress items?! I like birds, too, but not as pets. I like to watch them fly or sit on telephone wires. Johnny loves grackles...