4 Years

Our anniversary vacation was splendid! We kicked back, feasted, shopped, walked in the rain, and found ourselves singing Steely Dan's "Peg." Often. Johnny started it.

I intended to share the following pictures the day after we arrived home which was Monday. But Houston was actually frigid, wet, and icy, and somehow that interfered with our cable connection. Our weather seems to be improving, so here are the pictures - The Big Apple room on the 2nd floor of The Gruene Apple bed and breakfast:

The bathroom and Johnny having a little too much fun with the camera:

While Johnny showered and shaved, I sat on the rustic balcony to read. Distracted, I fell in love with chinaberry trees stripped by winter. I am sure these trees are lush and verdant in the spring, but I rather like the modern sculpture of chinaberry trees in January:

A wooden swing strung between two trees below:

Back to reading - I love this book. I feel as if I am learning invaluable information that I did not learn in high school or college English classes:

The river behind The Gruene Apple:

In the comfortable library downstairs, I eyed Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild which I still need to read:

With rural relaxation under our belts, we set out for the urban half of our anniversary celebration, a petite suite at The San Jose. I love that chair, the bed, the bedspread, and the simplicity:

A flower on the desk:

Pillows on the daybed/sofa:

I walked over to the wall unit to turn on the heater and found haiku:

Just as in our room last year, a poem on the bathroom wall (Hope is a Tattered Flag by Carl Sandburg):

Sabia travel toiletries which of course I snatched before we left:

The San Jose's service is worth every penny. A kind lady delivered our bento box breakfasts in pouring rain with The Wall Street Journal tucked under her parka to keep the paper dry. I devoured granola, yogurt, fresh fruit, grapefruit juice, and hot coffee:

As we packed up our belongings and got dressed, we inadvertently both pulled black T-shirts over our heads and decided, what the heck, let's match!

Perhaps on our 10th anniversary we will jet set to Europe or Colorado, but until then, we will most likely celebrate in the great state of Texas in both country and Zen style. We could celebrate in Houston for all I care, I just like being with Johnny, and that's the truth.


kierstin said...

Happy Anniversary!

March to the Sea said...

Congrats on four years!!

allison said...

What does Europe or CO have on this?!
Thanks for the peek...and the great photos.

Jenni's Mom said...


Happy 4th anniversary!! Y'all are cute and I love the pictures!!


Gregory said...

These are all great pictures! (Happy 4th!)