He is Really Too Smart for Me

Look what Johnny is up to. He is taking tabla lessons from the legendary David Courtney here in Houston. Not surprisingly, Johnny is learning these Indian drums very quickly and in addition to percussion, David is teaching him to write the rhythms and other sundry words in Hindi. Last night Johnny patiently taught me how to write "Jenni," and it was fascinating to see my name in a completely foreign language. I admit I didn't "get it," but I will be interested to see Johnny's progress and the new words he teaches me to write.

As proud of Johnny as I am - he is such a talented musician with a brilliant mind - he can drive me nuts in about five seconds walking around the house chanting the rhythms, "dhaa, dhin, naa, taa, tin, tita, dhaa, dhin, naa, taa, tin, tita..." He does it to humor himself and rile me up - a reminder of how very American I am as well as my low patience threshold. I prefer to hear him play tabla (a cool sound) or take me to Shiva for dinner. I will have to grow into the chanting.

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Christine said...

You are so supportive of your husband :)