I Can't Stop With the Birds

I drove across town for an eyebrow wax and afterwards stopped by another Barnes & Noble for coffee - Caffe Verona blend. And birds. No file folders, but I did buy Birds & Nests rubber stamps. I also picked two cards: a birthday card for a nursing home resident, Allen, and an anniversary card for he and his wife, Billie, who celebrate 58 years today. They have adjoining rooms and Allen is rarely in his own tidy room. Billie can't get out of bed alone, so he is always in her room tending to her every need or sleeping in an armchair by her feet. In light of Valentine's Day, that is true love.

Driving home I passed a different Target and purchased this little guy in blue. I also like the ducks. I snagged a glue stick, too. It has been years since I purchased a glue stick, but I predict creativity, hence the glue and stamps.

The apex of the day was a gargantuan Mediterranean salad at La Madeleine while reading The New York Times. That salad: greens, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, Feta cheese, cucumbers, eggs, tomatoes, all tossed in a marjoram dressing, and topped with salmon. Complimentary sourdough bread and berry preserves for dessert. Speaking of Madeleine, along with the Michael Chabon book the other day, I also got Madeleine is Sleeping by Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum, again for only $5. It appears to be lovely and strange, a genre outcast. To be honest, an endorsement by Marilynne Robinson sealed the purchase: "This is buoyant, intriguing, lovely, and sui generis. There is much to admire - inventiveness, fine detail, historical allusions that have a pleasing resonance and grace about them. Legerdemain is always a thing to be respected in writing, and in this book, its charms are manifest." I admit I had to look up "sui generis" and "legerdemain" in the dictionary and it made me happy because I love to learn new words. And I know it must sound like I shop all the time, but I really don't, just lately.

My soundtrack was Patty Griffin's new CD, Children Running Through. It is phenomenal - a review coming very soon.

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