I fell in love with five purple calla lilies at Whole Foods yesterday. As I gazed at the flowers this morning I realized it is high time to pull out the digital camera manual. Photography is not my God-given forte, but surely I can learn to snap better pictures.

Lately I have not been feeling well - like my thyroid is on the low side again. Since I'm not certain, I will pay the doctor a visit next week. Symptoms such as tingling hands, sore legs, and a choked throat sensation (to name a few) don't strike me as normal. I had low thyroid a few years ago so it might be back. All of that to say, when my health is off kilter, I crave tea and not my usual coffee. My morning tea of choice this week is the aromatic Orange Dulce black tea:

One of my little birds looking up:

The calla lilies. The color would be even more striking if it were a good photograph. The too bright lamp light and Harley Cat walking on the futon do not work here, nor the messy coffee table full of reading and writing material. Also, to be a bit defensive, the sofa's pattern on the left is hideous. We have a nice cream-colored slipcover, but it is currently strewn across the futon (look to the right) because the cats like to burrow inside and sleep. It is highly cute and we are suckers:

This picture is obviously fuzzy, too, but I wanted to reveal the simple vase I snagged on sale at Target for $2.00 and the blue fragrance oil burner for which I also paid $2.00 at Bath & Body Works. The blue glass mosaic platter cheers me every day, a gift from my sweet Mom:

That's it, all my possibly thyroidish brain can offer today!

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