Inspire Me

By some miracle, I managed to snap a picture of my inspiration board without my hands shaking. The board hangs near my desk and I tried to snap close-ups of each object pinned to the board, but I lost patience with shadows.

Clockwise from top left:
A letterpress bird tag from BuyOlympia. I glue-sticked one in my journal, too. I gave one to my friend Gloria. I purchased extras and an orange bird tag, too, for no reason. Each tag is only 99 cents.

A light blue thank you note from Kierstin. I love the color, the dandelion, and it reminds me of a friend who taught me the gracious art of thanks.

An unfolded card from Eloquent Ink. Right now, this is my favorite piece on the board. That deep shade of blue and the sparse tree are meditative and serene.

A plump bird magnet I found at The Blue Hand. The beauty of this inspiration board is that I can use push pins or magnets. The bird is made of paper mache or something similar. I now see his beak is missing, but few will even know. He is still charming.

Another bird - a piece of art by my friend Robyn. She sent this and other squares of her handiwork along with a Christmas sampler CD one year. I thank her again.

Hanging on Robyn's art is a necklace from good ole Target. I purchased it for an outfit in my closet, but the two did not complement each other like I thought. Until I find the right outfit, the necklace will be decorative. Speaking of, I MUST go clothes-shopping this week. My wardrobe is sad. I recently gave several bags-full to Goodwill, I write at home in PJ's, and wear the same jeans, T-shirts, and skirts which is ok I guess, but some element of fashion is becoming more important in my 30's. Something like this or this (hopefully cheaper). At least a few elegant, well-made things that will last. New skirts and darker-blue jeans, too. Johnny or my fashionista friend Amy might have to accompany me because I usually think everything looks bad on my petite, curvy frame. Insecure, but honest.

A favorite work of art - The Good Samaritan by Mary McCleary. I wish I could see the piece up close and personal - she makes large, intricate, genius collages, and uses her friends as models.

All in all, I like how the current board looks as a piece of art, if you will. Each object seems to be meant for the others. The inspiration board will change often and I will enjoy the placement each time. In turn, it will bring good words to write, I pray.


Johnny! said...

You can always jazz up the PJs idea by lounging around the house in lingerie.

Just a helpful thought.

Christine said...

(ahem...) Well, Johnny sure said it, didn't he? :) I defer to your husband on that!!!!

Love the Anthropologie shirts though and that dandelion card is one of my FAVES!!!!!!!! I think I saw it at PaperSource in Chicago.

May you be inspired, my dear,

robyn said...

hehe:) my birdie!!

Edith Villa said...

I really love the art work that is included in this part of this post would you be so kind and send it to as a e-mail from you please thanks alot. Good night you two.