I believe we made important progress today, just in time to close on our house on Monday. We found our bamboo floor color (carbonized), master bathroom ceramic tile color, and the guys to install both who apparently will do so in 1-2 days according to a friend who gave us a high recommendation. We finally found a master bedroom and bathroom color (China Blue) which we will probably paint the same since the bamboo in the bedroom and ceramic tile in the bathroom will give the paint two different looks not to mention how we decorate.

I can hardly wait to decorate - place unique objects and art in each room - but the paint color selection process has stressed me out a bit. I like to think I have an artistic eye and I probably love and notice color more than most, but dear God, looking at a slew of paint sample chips is intimidating! Along with our own preferences we gleaned advice from my Mom (who could be an interior decorator), my friend Amy (who could be her partner), and today I finally remembered to bring an Indian tapestry I found, where else, at The Blue Hand. The color palette of the tapestry has been our inspiration for the master bathroom because I'd like to learn (or beg Aunt Nancy) to make a window curtain out of the cloth.

If the paint guys work as quickly as the floor guys we could move in about two weeks! Yes, we will hire paint guys, mainly to rip off the most hideous wallpaper we've ever seen and it covers many walls. And it is no slack-wallpaper job, either. The tackiness is stuck on there seemingly for life. Johnny offered to paint the upstairs "media room" (no wall vomit up there) and stain the kitchen cabinets espresso brown once we move in, but we want to move in ASAP, hence the paint guys, God bless their souls.

And hello, my name is Jenni and I have a magazine addiction. I received a risk-free issue of Martha Stewart's Blueprint today and their marketing scheme worked. I like Living occasionally, but I've never been lured by that vibe. However, Blueprint seems more "me," it is a very well-designed publication, and yes, I am adding it to my subscription sickness. Um, and Dwell. I just watched a new episode of Get Fresh With Sara Snow - eco-fashion, farmers' markets, and organic wine today - and if she starts a magazine, I'm in real trouble.


Jenni's Mom said...

China blue and bamboo . . . what could be better than that?

Happy, happy new house!!

robyn said...

i like blueprint too.. i have "said" magazine addiction too.. we should form a community. if i didn't like to keep all of them for future reference, we could ship them back and forth in bulk and save our money! haha.