It's About Time

It is a gray day in Houston which is not helping me wake up at all. We stayed up too late watching LOST (season 3) thanks to iTunes - trying to catch up to current TV viewers. So I will quit whining and sip Magical Mint yerba mate.

Plus, I ran across the best piece of news this week other than our new house... ANNIE DILLARD WILL RELEASE A NEW BOOK! A short novel - The Maytrees. Thank God. She is one of the best writers ever (truly) and one of my forever-favorites. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek was an important book for me in my immature early 20's; it taught me to see.

I confess I have not read her other novel, The Living (yet). I have read all of her other books except For the Time Being which is why I included it in my 2007 TBR Challenge list. Ethan Hawke likes it, but I'm not sure if that is important. You know I will purchase The Maytrees punctually, probably pre-order it from Amazon. No, definitely. I like to have my favorite authors' books on our shelves patiently waiting for me to read their glory. This new book truly makes my gray day.

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