We've been watching our Easter lilies all day, fascinated. We know nothing about tending to flower beds (yet) so the fact that these floral trumpets are opening is nothing short of magical. Johnny took another picture at dusk:

With my novice photography skills, it was hard to capture my new favorite feature of our house, but I tried, darn it. I've always wanted rice paper lanterns in my home. Here is one from IKEA hanging in our bedroom above a family rocking chair. We will try to tame that cord, but I rather like the industrial look of it now:

Another rice paper lantern from Urban Outfitters in my writing room:

I am proud to say that the rice paper lamps are sporting our very first CF light bulbs from IKEA.


Kimberly said...

The second photo of your rice paper lantern is pretty good. I think it has a good contrast of lighting. Also, I like the one in your writting room, it's pretty. Oh! Johnny did pretty good taking the photo of the lilies ;~)

I'm liking the photos and you're getting better. Keep it up!

Jenni said...

Thanks, Kimberly. I took the photos of the tub and wall chandelier, too, and they were pretty good for me, anyway. I am totally ok with Johnny being the better photographer. I just want to be a better writer. :)

Christine said...

very lovely :)