Almost September

I hope this photographer does not mind me placing his/her stunning work on my desktop. I plan to buy a print soon... The image cheers me each recent morning and comforts me at night:

To be perfectly transparent, I rolled out of bed in a foul mood. Very repulsive. But after a prayer, a Psalm or two, breakfast, and tea, I began to see things differently. For one thing, I'm strangely encouraged by turning a new calendar page. I realize that tomorrow is September 1st, but since we'll wake in Austin, I eagerly turned Lotta Jansdotter's and Nikki McClure's calendars today:

(September is great month. My Dad and aunt Pat [his sister] were born. So was my Godson's Dad and our good friend, Omar!)

A simple tea cup even inspired me, the table crumbs and all:

Milo tried to dampen my upswing mood with his psycho antics, but I laid down the law:

By the way, my inspiration board changed a bit; thought you might want to see, Sember:

I hope to find more of these free bookmarks at BookPeople. I'm afraid this is the true me:

And now, I must clean up and start packing! I won't be packing a lot, but I move slow. Before I hit the showers, I'll enjoy one more song of today's blogging soundtrack: Give Yourself Away by the Robbie Seay Band. The song? "New Day."


Jamie said...

Hi Jenni,

My name is Jamie and I have been reading your blog for quite some time now. I don't even remember how I found your blog. And then I saw a comment from your husband on Ross King's blog, who is a friend of my husband. And then I read your husband's blog and I really like it too! So I thought I should come out of the shadows, introduce myself, and tell you that I have enjoyed reading your blog and your take on life in general. I think if we knew each other, we would be friends :) (I mean that in the least weird, blogstalker way that I can) I also found your friend Christine through your blog and had her make a really cute picture for my little boy's room. All that to say, I've enjoyed your blog and I think we have some mutual friends :)

And please don't feel the need to publish this ridiculously long comment.

grace and peace, Jamie

Jenni said...

Hi Jamie! We do have mutual friends indeed. My husband often plays drums for Ross. Thanks for reading here - I'll check out your blog this week, too. Perhaps we'll meet one of these days!

Todd Wright said...

"New Day" is such a great the choir part at the end. Can't help but singing along!