Things I Want to See

Let's begin with sights from this morning.

I set a milk bottle to the right of a blue bottle on a kitchen windowsill. Boy, we need to clean that window screen. I snagged the milk bottle for free when we cleaned out our Church's kitchen:

A soy candle filling our kitchen with the aroma of a Tuscan blood orange:

Pulling out the Assam tea press. I brewed two large mugs worth of Vanilla Tea:

One such mug, and my plate awaiting turkey sausage:

Now, what I want to see one of these days:

This book on our coffee table. I also read about it here. I simply cannot get that book out of my head.

This Borofsky piece at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, TX. There is a great photograph of "Walking to the Sky" on page 32 of the August 2007 Southern Living. Our friend Allison took a picture, too. The sculpture reminds me of a modern Jacob's Ladder.

Also at Nasher, I want to see this installment by James Turrell. I pretty much want to see everything at Nasher which I plan to do the next time we visit my parents in Plano.

These glasses in our cupboard.

A large bottle tree in our backyard (page 60 of Southern Living. Check out the rad playhouse on pages 142-143, too).

"Praise the Lord, O my soul: O Lord my God, Thou art become exceeding glorious; Thou art clothed with majesty and honour. Thou deckest Thyself with light as it were with a garment: and spreadest out the heavens like a curtain. Who layeth the beams of His chambers in the waters: and maketh the clouds His chariot, and walketh upon the wings of the wind." (Psalm 104: 1-3) This is already going on, but one day our eyes will see more.

This skirt (in Cocoa) on my hips. If it will last a long while, I plan to order it this month. I'll mix and match lots.

This movie - very badly. I loved Elizabeth. I love Cate Blanchett.

This print hanging on one of my writing room walls.

I've been missing the Menil. I better hurry up if I want to see "Andy Warhol: Three Houston Women."

This Sigur Rós DVD-CD-book combo in our mailbox.

This kettle on our stove.

Navy blue polish on my fingers and toes.

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