Just Listening to the Wind Chime

I cannot say that I've done anything productive all day. I meant to, but I've been in a funk and ever so distracted. Johnny found the camera manual, but I haven't even read it yet. That didn't stop me from playing with the camera a little.

Two sun-lit avocados on a kitchen windowsill:

A simply photo print simply hung in the laundry room bathroom. This is a very strategic placement because we use tangerine/grapefruit mist in this bathroom. And I keep meaning to buy twine:

My Night Owl Paper Goods order arrived. I salvaged an old metal picture frame to set on a living room windowsill. I love that our house has wide windowsills in every room. The glass broke, but the silver frame is convenient for sliding in such nifty 4x6 pieces of art:

If you really want to see pretty pictures, take a peek at my friend Kierstin's blog. She is taking stunning photographs lately (as always).

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