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If you catch me reading, I'm most likely in the living room seated on the couch or the comfy chair. I usually sit in a particular spot on the couch, and the wide arm (in espresso) to my left looks like this lately:

I'm afraid part of the stack pictured below will soon be added to my bookish mess:

We finally went on that library date yesterday picking up coffee afterward. Like a good couple, we signed up for library cards together. I rather liked our local library - spacious, bright, and pretty clean. Johnny and I both bury our noses in books which is one aspect of our marriage that I love. It was very important for me to find a reader-husband. And as much as I prefer to own all of the books ever written, the library recently beckoned me. One reason is that I'm preparing for an interview with a painter. I love art, but I've never interviewed a visual artist. So akin to college days, I've hit the books. I figured the Houston/Katy area is replete with art books hiding in libraries. I also try to use common sense (every so often). I concluded that I could check out certain books before throwing down $$ for every book known to man. Is this what maturity feels like?

A strange combination of excitement and tranquility washes over me when stepping foot in a bookstore or library. The literary possibilities are endless! Yesterday Johnny and I scored this loot:

1. The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius. [Johnny's only selection]
2. Mountain Man Dance Moves: The McSweeney's Book of Lists by the editors of McSweeney's.
3. Shaker Design by June Sprigg.
4. From David to Ingres: Early 19th-century French Artists edited by Jane Turner. [research]
5. Ephemeral City: Cite Looks at Houston edited by Barrie Scardino, William F. Stern, and Bruce C. Webb.
6. Contemporary American Realism since 1960 by Frank H. Goodyear, Jr.. [research]

Last night I picked up the book on Shaker design and swooned over cases of drawers, work stands, three small side chairs, a wall clock, oval boxes, a teal blue counter, a yellow miniature oval carrier, a dipper, a pail with a handle, a bowl, spool racks, rocking chairs, and more. You will definitely hear more from me about Shaker design. After looking through those pages I realized that our bedroom dresser is surely inspired by Shaker design as well as these end tables that we do not own. I also see Shaker in this vanity that I'm keeping an eye on - maybe a future piece for our bedroom with a different chair. I decided I do need to purchase this book at some point. And this one.

Then I picked up The McSweeney's Book of Lists and laughed out loud. Everything McSweeney's is so funny! I don't need to buy that book, but I'm glad I pulled it off the library shelf to enjoy for two weeks.

Those mini-pumpkins were another steal at the grocery store. They've sprouted in not only the living room, but also the dining room and laundry room bath. I'm hoping to find mini-white pumpkins for the other rooms, and an economical batch of large pumpkins and gourds to pile outside the front door.

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Jenni's Mom said...

Feelings of maturity are fleeting, thank God!!