why hello, autumn

Though I've been celebrating autumn for a good few weeks now - all the pumpkins and spices - the appropriate climate officially visited Houston yesterday. The wind raced about a gray sky morning 'til night. The wind chime sang with gusto and a nearby pine tree whipped her hair, hard like a headbanger. Trees across the street kept waving at me, "Hey! Autumn is here!" Our house was chilly enough for socks, blankets, and the first heater-crank of the year. All would have been cozy except for the taut muscles in my shoulders and neck along with throbbing ears & headaches, dulling any creative thought. I frowned and grumped, not pretty on the inside at all. As we crawled into bed, I in tears, Johnny said, "Come here." He pulled my weary head to his chest and stroked my hair. I spilled a sleepy confession from my lips and slept well snuggled in frankincense & myrrh-sheets.

Today, the wind is still running amok and the wind chime remains in a sing-song mood. But hold on - there is sunshine! I don't much care for gray days anymore. I like the bright, the golden. My muscles are more relaxed and the head-pulsations faint. Thus, I can dive into art books and wrap my brain around paintings and theories. I saw an orange butterfly dance in front of a kitchen window as I rinsed breakfast dishes and then I knew, today will be one of delight.

Tuesday is a free day for Johnny and it's turned into "errand day." On our agenda today:

1. The library.
To pick up CDs/books I requested ~
-At Blackwater Pond: Mary Oliver Reads Mary Oliver.
-Thirst by Mary Oliver.
-Four Testimonies by Kate Daniels.

2. Coffee to-go.

3. Sunglasses, good music [Radiohead - OK Computer], and Mary Oliver as we drive.

4. Whole Foods.
Stocking up for the week, and maybe one fairy tale Cinderella pumpkin. On our front porch we have a blue pumpkin, a red, a white, and a small & large orange. Our neighbor's toddler, Caroline, loves those pumpkins, so for her sake, don't you think we need a fairy tale Cinderella pumpkin?
[I hope so because we snagged one!]

5. Pick up prescriptions.
More medicine. Yay.

While I'm being sarcastic, I should mention that my husband waxed profound last night as I angrily lamented my throbbing head. I questioned, why is God healing me this slow? This way? He said, "I don't know, but it is the best way. God always does things His way which is the best way. Everything He does is good, for our good. If He did it your way, it would be bad for you." In my anger, I wanted to disagree with theology, but thinking of God, who He is, and this verse, I could not argue. I sulked the rest of the night, but I knew Johnny was right, darn it.

Feeling better today, it's easier to nod in agreement, but I pray to remember the real definition of good - whatever God delivers in the wind, no matter the season.


Christine said...

Amen. A great reminder for all of us. You are suffering beautifully. And yay for autumn for Texas girls!

cletus said...

i loved your closing line jenny - "whatever God delivers in the wind, no matter the season."

it was especially cool to click post and see all the comment descriptions come up in french!

(btw, i'm reading your blog from a courtyard garden in paris. maggie and i are celebrating our 27th year of marriage.)

jenni said...

Thanks, y'all.

And Ben/Cletus - Paris - wow. Congrats on 27 years!