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It is a big surprise to me that I now eagerly anticipate mornings. In the past, I was notorious for a scowl on my face until at least noon. I ran late to work clutching my travel mug of coffee for dear life. Granted, I do freelance writing from home these days and step out of bed at 8:00 am (earlier on Sundays), so that helps. I still don't converse fluidly 'til late morning or noonish, but I truly enjoy morning: the calm and the light.

After I swallow some of my morning meds - the ones requiring an empty stomach - I brew the caffeine o' the day. Today it was dark roast yerba maté; tomorrow I'm planning cinnamon tea. Cats fed, I light the pumpkin candle. I sit on our comfy brown couch and pull over a cream-colored throw from a late family friend, remembering her kind smile. I look out the window to the top of our neighbor's pine tree, the blue sky, the sunshine. I say the Lord's Prayer and read a few Psalms. Then I turn on the MacBook and dive into the world wide web.

I've found that I check certain blogs at different points during the day. For whatever reason, these are my morning blogs:
-Our friend Allison (listen to her discuss her poetry on a Podcast tomorrow!).
-My friend Kierstin.
-the glass doorknob.
-simply photo (check out her new shop!).
-simply breakfast.
-port2port (she has a cool shop, too - I love letterpress).
-It's not a blog, but flickr most always beckons me before breakfast. So many stunning photos to see.

I don't always have a ravenous appetite in the morning, but I finally make myself go eat, and I'm always glad I did. Today's menu: raw macadamia nuts, scrambled eggs, organic greens & grape tomatoes, and more Radiohead. Afterwards, I sit on the couch a bit more, check e-mail, and plan the day.

While planning, I also admire our fireplace mantel across the living room which is now arranged to autumn perfection (maybe a picture soon). The newest addition is a skydiver card by Carson Ellis to complement the previously-mentioned tree writer card. I've decided both pieces of art perfectly capture mine and Johnny's personalities. He does love to skydive, and he is most always happy, silly, joking around, and laughing at various hilarity all day long. He can be serious, but he'd rather be laughing. I, on the other hand, lean towards the contemplative, the too-serious, I like to write, and I'd love to sit under a tree-canopy, falling leaves overhead. I do have a sense of humor: I NEED Stephen Colbert's new book - last night I listened to a Fresh Air Podcast featuring his funny interview - I love his TV show! But I'm a quieter soul. OK, I have a weird side, too, but these cards do give a snapshot of me and Johnny:

Two other little buyolympia purchases ~ a bumper sticker/bookmark (and Caffeinated Life soap):

Today my mind goes back and forth between discouragement and hope. Impatience and hope. Giving up and clinging to the Lord Who is my hope. My hope is not in good art, fragrant soap, or tonight's movie date which I finally scored. Thankfully, those treats do cheer my heart, but my hope is in God.

One last thing. Aromatic rooibos vanilla is my evening tea of choice, but it is so finely ground that my tea strainer ball doesn't work very well. Do any of you recommend a better model that won't leak so much loose tea into my cup? Please do share where I can find one! Thank you.


allison said...

Hmmn. Your descriptions sound eerily similar to me and my hubby. He'd swear I wrote that.
LOVE the photo! Is that from your window?

jenni said...

If y'all still lived here, we could double date! The photo is the view from our dining room window though I snapped the photo outside. That was when our roses were beautifully out of control. Johnny has since trimmed them, but we'll let them grow wild again.

harold of cardboard . . . said...

try a hat, works for me every time!

allison pointed me here, sorry....

youve been RSS'd!

christine mae Engcoy said...
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christine mae Engcoy said...

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cristmae said...

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