we love indigo wild

It is the second gray day in a row [when I started typing], and my desktop weather widget tells me we shall have thunderstorms. Of course Johnny and I picked today for several errands, but we'll bring an umbrella. Hopefully the weather will coincide with my selfishness: no rain for an evening walk in 70-degree weather, then storms again as we read and watch TV.

Right after the alarm clock beeped, we heard the most cacophonous sound outside. One of our neighbors hired men to chop down two pine trees in their front yard and send it through a wood chipper. One of the best features of our neighborhood are the trees, especially the towering, fragrant pine trees. Why in God's name they decided to kill not one, but two pretty pines I don't know. The deafening sound not only harshed my morning mellow, but from the look on our cats' furry faces, I could tell they did not appreciate it either.

All is well now. The poor trees (and the tree-choppers) are gone, but I can see blue & sun in the sky. I'm still sipping my morning maté. Johnny made me a chocolate-natural peanut butter smoothie. I requested two books of poetry to be transferred to our local library. And, we received a big Indigo Wild shipment yesterday while rain poured down. We did order a lot, but Indigo Wild was running a special, so we received three free items that I was planning to purchase anyway. God knows I love good smells, but Johnny actually loves this company, too. So many of their fragrances just smell good. Not girly, but nice and clean and good. Johnny likes their almond and frankincense & myrrh scents. I'm currently into cinnamon and vanilla, but frankincense & myrrh is also a favorite of mine. I like to wear the Eau de Zum as perfume.

As we unpacked the box last night, Johnny laughed at how lovely smells can make me so happy. Here's the loot:
-Frankincense & myrrh laundry soap.
-Almond bar soap. At the moment, I believe their bar soaps are the best - it's very easy to work up a good lather.
-Vanilla sugar bar soap.
-Two bars of frankincense & myrrh soap. One was free just because an employee noticed I link to Indigo Wild on my blog. I had no ulterior motives, I swear!
-Vanilla lip balm with shea butter. This was one of the featured free items.
-Muscle spray. I managed to bang the crap out of my foot on our platform bed twice last week, and Boiron's arnica ointment saved both my foot and a sore shoulder, so I'm excited to try this spray that also contains arnica. Johnny is, too - he's been working out hard at the gym. He also told me that aspirin comes from white willow - who knew?
-A Zum sachet. Another free item. I placed this in my unmentionables-drawer.
-A cinnamon soy candle for our "TV room." Indigo Wild even sent a book of matches - how thoughtful.
-Clove-mint room/body spray.
-Frankincense & myrrh room/body spray. The third free item!
-A bag of free samples + the new catalog. Gloria, they're yours on Sunday.
-A big shipping box for the cats.

I could go on and on about other exciting Indigo Wild items for later shopping, but here are merely a few:
-The Bah Hum Zum line: peppermint with a touch of almond. Perfect for Christmas 2007, the first in our new house, filled with family.
-Vanilla-cinnamon bar soap.
-The necessary pimple stick.
-Frankincense & myrrh incense.
-An almond candle because it will make Johnny happy.
-Thank you, God, for our sense of smell!

Speaking of TV, I'm not ashamed to admit that I am committed to another season of Dancing With the Stars. Since I'm well aware of the cheese-factor, I've tried to figure out why I'm hooked on the show. I think it's because I, who struggles with timidity, admire people trying a new hobby for the first time in front of millions of TV viewers. Who am I rooting for? Jennie Garth: she was my favorite character on 90210, she seems nice, she loves her husband & kids, she's pretty, she almost spells her first name correctly, and most importantly, her dancing improves each week. Yes, I even voted for her online.

Then we watched Heroes. Is that better?


Johnny! said...

Who knew? I knew.

jenni said...

Update: the muscle spray receives 5 stars from both me and Johnny. So does the frankincense & myrrh laundry soap! Our laundry smells GOOD.