before i go

I have inspiration wire updates to share. On the autumn side:

On the other side:

Behind my writing chair is a tribute to great Texans: my grandfather (a minister of music) and my father-in-law ~ these are their bolo ties. The music staff is from that favorite Houston shop - The Blue Hand. To the left is a letter from my grandfather. It's not my best photo, but you get the idea (click to see larger & I'll try again soon):

I also did a teensy bit of shopping over at The Small Object, thanks to simply photo for the reminder. I just had to have The Good Wood stickers, the Good Wood Tag Team magnets, and The Small Object magnet. So cheerful! Lastly, I caved and ordered walnut pushpins for my new inspiration board. But that's all, I swear.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.


Christine said...

I love it! I have to start one of those inspiration wires ASAP!

jenni said...

You definitely should seeing as you're full of inspiration.

Oh, and happy birthday!! :)

Megan said...

Fun, fun! Did you know we share a birthday? I also found out that one of my other blog buddies has her birthday on Tuesday. I'm not sure what it all means, but it must mean something.

I'll be 34 tomorrow, so we're fairly close! Happy Birthday!

jenni said...

Hi, Megan! I did not know we shared a birthday. Well, happy birthday! November is a great month. :)