the perfect advent wreath

happy third advent
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I could not find an Advent wreath I liked this year. They were too "froofy." Now I know how to do our Advent wreath next year. This lovely creation is by a lady living in Germany. Brilliant.
[click on the photo's title to see it larger]

I'm afraid my blogs this week will be more short snippets, but I'm sure y'all understand. It is a fun and busy week, but no stress! This peaceful photograph is a great reminder of why this week is festive.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful wreath. great find! i, too, will try my hand at this next year.
thanks for your kind words on my blog. i've been peeking at your site for a bit now. i enjoy your thoughts and web finds. i say your site is inspiring-my husband would say it's costly ;)

jenni said...

Your husband might be right. :)
But thank you!