small trees

While peeking out of our front windows this morning, I spied two boxes on the porch. One was dark roast yerba maté, and the other box was from Casey's Wood Products! I ordered wooden Christmas trees and a few blue-painted eggs. The trees are charming, even Johnny thinks so, and the first place I set them was on the fireplace mantel. I wish I'd ordered a few more. Actually, it is better that I didn't - I don't want to go too wooden tree crazy.

I snapped a pic of each end of our mantel, and my new slippers. They are fuzzy on the inside and very cozy. The funny thing is, the cats are scared of my slippers. They barely make a sound when I walk, but Harley and Milo can hear something, and it frightens them both. It is hilarious, and a little cruel of me, to scoot around the bamboo floors and give them a mini panic attack. That's just how I am.

Today is chore day. As I type, Johnny is outside repainting a table that my Mom scored at a garage sale. He's painting it chocolate brown - to be a TV table in the guest bedroom. I have a short writing assignment due, then he and I will clean the house for company tomorrow. My friend Amy is flying in from Kentucky to visit the Hotze clinic, and I'm very excited for my doctor to help her, too. After Mexican food tomorrow night, she and her Mom want to see our house and it's a disaster area at the moment. I don't have it in me to take photos of the Christmas tree skirt covered in cat hair, dusty tables, piles of stuff, and the like. Time to clean.

This weekend or next week I want to share some of those Advent thoughts. This season is so rich with beauty and purpose; not just shopping.


*camerashymomma* said...

i also found a small box from casey's wood on my doorstep! (thanks to soulemama for the link!) the same little trees are awaiting some winter friends! i love the simplicity of your mantel!

jenni said...

I thank SouleMama for the link, too.
And thank you!