How I started today:

Advent reading and a long-time favorite tea - Tazo Awake.

Then I moved to the living room:

As you can see, I love the simply photo crochet coasters. They are so soft. Jen coffee-dyed the coasters, thus each one is a lovely, ivory snowflake.

My day holds:
-An impressive pile of laundry.
-Organizing my desk.
-Writing thank you notes & a letter to my pen pal.
-Adding to my inspiration wire.
-A writing assignment.
-Ordering a birthday gift.
-Taking a walk.

This week holds:
-A mason jar project, thanks to decor8. I have three jars; mine will involve the knit sleeves, baker's twine, cinnamon sticks, berries, beeswax tea lights, and incense. I ordered a few local beeswax tapers, but those won't arrive 'til next week.
-Lending a hand to my pregnant friend on bed rest. I'm excited because she's fun to chat with, and I'm hoping to win over her toddler Ian, to play with his favorite toy: a miniature kitchen. It rules. The stove burners light up and the microwave buttons beep. There's a little spice grinder, baskets, food, tea cups, and the like. Ian's big sister Isabella says he will grow up to be a chef.

I better get to the day, but I might have another blog entry in me, too.

Oh, does anyone want to give me a gold star? I memorized a Bible verse without actually trying. I found the verse so beautiful that it stuck in my noggin:

"The earth is the Lord's, and all that therein is: the compass of the world, and they that dwell therein."
(Psalm 24:1)


Beckye said...

You definitely get a gold star! :D Congratulations! I love that verse; it's so far-reaching! :) There is NOTHING that is not His. :D

jenni said...

Thanks & amen, Beckye. :)