behold the cats

Other thoughts soon, but for now, the cats:

[Harley ~ photo by Johnny]

[I love Harley's little face ~ photo by me]

[Milo kicking back ~ photo by Johnny]

I cannot believe I was ever anti-cat. This might sound sappy, but these guys have been of great comfort to me lately. So sweet, funny, odd, and manic. I take their faces in my hands often and say, "[insert "Harley" or "Milo"], God made you!" Then their expressions make me laugh. They actually do know their names. Whether or not they know I'm speaking of the Lord, they recognize their name and know I'm saying something good.


Kimberly said...

Pepper and Joshua, our beloved dog,were great sources of comfort and joy to me when I was sick and stuck in bed. I believe that people who have pets have a special blessing from God... you have two!

jenni said...

Yes, we do.