epiphany to-do's

Yesterday was a bad day. I felt b-a-d. If you think you might have a yeast overgrowth in your body, get to killing yeast now because it is hard work. No need to let it grow further. I took a night off from Nystatin - the yeast-killer - and today is brighter, thanks be to God. However, since I felt so awful yesterday, I didn't do much of anything except sit in the living room, listen to rain, and finish Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon. I think it is her best novel so far, and next to my own pastor, Father Tim is the best. Though a fictional character, I learned a lot from him yesterday. Reading is a very real comfort for me.

1. We set the alarm for 7:00 am. We were so proud of ourselves. But we didn't step out of bed 'til 8:00 am. We'll try again tomorrow.

2. Johnny raked leaves in our backyard. We're not short on leaves around here.

3. Then he made a cardamom cappuccino. It smelled good.

4. I sipped a new favorite: Numi breakfast blend tea. I read the Bible, prayed, and the like. I decided to use the red Moleskine (from a friend) for morning and evening thoughts, Scriptures, and Church note-taking. I like the red. Johnny said most Churches once had red doors to remind people they entered through the blood of Christ. Our Church has a red door, too.

Likewise, I deemed the simply photo "coffee" mini notebook my Prayer Request Notebook because God help me, my memory sucks right now. Plus, I just really like the graph paper inside.

5. Now that it's Epiphany, I've been burning lots of frankincense & myrrh. We left my grandmother's star tree-topper on a bookshelf and hung three wise men ornaments from doorknobs, too.

6. I've been admiring a new print by Elinor Scott-Sutter: "a poem in light." Yes, I ordered it, but I've decided to tone down my purchasing a bit.
Wait - I'll start my vow after this week. See #8.

7. I need to write a review for The Sustainable Scoop.

8. I've also been trying to decide what to pack. Johnny and I are traveling to Gruene, TX and Austin this week to celebrate five years of marriage! I hope to feel well, but regardless, it will be fun to escape to another part of Texas with my husband. We plan to do a little antique-ing and visit BookPeople! That'll cheer a girl up.

9. It is gray today. This is not helping my energy level.

10. Johnny is practicing and working upstairs before he leaves to teach drum lessons.

11. Must do laundry. No more procrastinating.

12. More reading - including Eat, Pray, Love; Prayers from the Ark and the Creatures' Choir; and the newspaper.


Christine said...

It seems peaceful in your house. Can I come over?

jenni said...

YES! Like I said, guest bedroom with your name on it. Wi-fi...

Robin said...

I have only read the first 3 books in the Mitford Series, but I love Father Tim so much! I always get choked up reading those books.

Abbey said...

You sound very productive for someone who isn't feeling well! I'm impressed! I feel fine and I've barely done anything. : )

I have thought about starting the Mitford series...but just haven't yet. Though I'm always looking for new authors...maybe she'll be my next try...

Feel better and enjoy your wedding anniversary! YEA 5 YEARS!!

Jen said...

Jenni - Just want to thank you for all the good things I've gleaned from your wonderful links!! Everything from music to magazines to art - your writing is a bright spot in my day. Thinking of you and hoping you feel well on your vacation!

jenni said...

Robin - This last Jan Karon book choked me up in parts, too.

Abbey - thank you!

Jen - thank you, too!