Eh, I'm feeling pretty bad today. A friend once told me, "If you are sick, don't talk about it because the illness becomes your identity." I agree to the point that I should not overdo it, but while blogging, it's bound to be mentioned. And surely, it is not my identity. But I'm not trying to imply, "Poor me." I'm really not. One thing I am learning through this process is that life can still be enjoyed, there is still beauty to see, even if I am (temporarily) sick.

Even so, my mood is fragile today. I decided to distract myself with the camera - show you what caught my eye.

1. Shapes on the coffee table.
My hot cocoa mug was cracked, and when I went to make tea, the liquid spilled all over the counter. Now I use it as a votive holder - it makes for lovely light. white forest pottery kindly sent a replacement with no crack!

[my aunt gave me those charming blue bird bobby pins. The postcard is from this art exhibit.]

[a New Year's card from my pen pal & a Christmas card from Kierstin (her first attempt got lost in the mail)]

2. An inspiration wire update in the living room.
The last photo is Johnny's anniversary card to me. He said, "It looked like one of 'your' cards."
He was correct ~ he knows me.

Even if my health treatment is difficult, the kindness of God is that right now, my life is set up in such a way that I can rest a lot. I hope that writing assignments will pick up at some point, but for now, it's a blessing to rest whenever my body alerts. As in, soon. After lunch.

Look around and see what catches your eye today. You might be surprised.


kateortiz said...

oh, i do hope you feel better. that wire is beautiful...perhaps i should start one. and now i'm a bit envious of the fact you have two of those mugs...even if one is cracked. i pray you'll have a restful sabbath tomorrow.

jenni said...

Thank you, Kate. Your prayers encourage me.
You def. should start a wire!
Yeah, the cracked mug worked out in my favor, I think.

Kimberly said...

I don't have a wire to hang my pretty things on but I did hang my cards on my bulletin board (after I cleaned it off some). The "cheers" tag and the round reindeer card are mighty pretty on the board. I'm saving the wood Christmas card for the board next Christmas. In the meantime I need to get some pretty clips for my new art. Thanks!

jenni said...

Kimberly - Actually, many folks on flickr keep amazing bulletin boards...
(you're welcome!)