telling my body Who's boss

Sunday was near-perfect. I love everything about our small Church. Johnny and I have never had a better rector (pastor) than we do now. I look forward to Rev. Ellisor's sermons each Sunday, he is a true shepherd, and, he is very funny. The sun was bright, the air was cool, and I felt mostly well.

Monday, not so much. I'm having some trouble with heartburn and acid reflux as I kill yeast and they die a sweet death. My doctor at the Hotze clinic (Dr. Sheridan) recommended I visit my family doctor to receive medication for heartburn - a temporary measure until the yeast imbalance is restored in my body. Dr. Sheridan is not a big fan of such medications, but short term will be just fine.

My family doctor wanted me to have an upper GI X-ray, just to make sure my throat is OK and such (I believe it is - aloe vera juice is very healing). So, I fasted from midnight 'til 9:30 am on Monday for the X-ray. No food or drink, not even water. I am not a good fast-er, but I shut my whining mouth, thanked God for the regularity of groceries in our home, and relied on Him (which is what I should do while fasting). I sincerely lamented for those around the world who do not have water or food on a consistent basis. We arrived at the X-ray lab (in my family doctor's building) and the receptionist said, "Oh, they didn't call you?" She then proceeded to tell us that the X-ray machine was broken and they have no idea when it will be fixed since they're waiting on replacement parts from France. I said, "You're kidding."

She took my name and number and Johnny cheered me up with a grande-sized cup of Earl Grey to-go, and a large bottle of water. Back at home, I called my family doctor to find out the urgency of this X-ray. I spoke with his nurse/receptionist and we had major communication issues. She had a beautiful accent which I could not place, and she was obviously very stressed and busy there in the office. But she took my message and said the doctor would call me back.

The following hours were gruesome. Yeast were not happy to be dying. Thankfully, they left my throat alone, but my legs felt like Jell-O, walking was a major accomplishment, my stomach hurt, and I was very dizzy. I felt achy all over. Maturity was not my strong suit, either. I reclined and prayed (and complained) a lot.

Finally, the phone rang around 5:00 pm. I was curled up in bed, so Johnny answered my cell phone. It was the beautifully-accented nurse/receptionist.
[not my doctor]

Johnny: Hello?
No, this phone belongs to Jenni Simmons.
Yes, that's my wife. She called.
Here she is

Me: Hello?

The nurse: Is this Susan Sims?

Me: No, this is Jenni Simmons.

Nurse: Did your sister call this morning?

Me: No, I don't have a sister. I called.

Nurse: Oh, but did you call about the X-ray machine? Is it broken?

Me: It is broken.

Nurse: Did you want to make an appointment?

Me: No, I saw the doctor last week and he gave me medicine. I need to speak with him to see how urgent the X-ray is - can it wait until the machine is fixed or should I go somewhere else?
[word-for-word what I told her that morning]

Nurse: Oh, well, I need to ask the doctor. He'll call you back.

Me: [near-speechless and weak] Uh, OK.

Nurse: Bye.

Me: [I hung up]

I thought, "Wow. I really am in the hands of God and not man."

The rest of the day is not worth describing because my mood was foul and I was depressed. The day ended with me tossing aside a book (a bad sign), and resting my head in Johnny's lap as he read more about Theodore Roosevelt. I fell asleep as Johnny rubbed my back.

Today we're back to near-perfect. I didn't wake up feeling 100% physically, but my ungrateful insanity was gone. Instead, the very peace of Christ greeted me in the kitchen. I looked around with contentment. I sipped aged Earl Grey tea - I'm really on an Earl Grey kick. Still no call from my family doctor, but that's OK.

I did receive a call from a Hotze clinic nurse this afternoon - to discuss my latest blood work results. Every single item is beautiful & fantastic, or improving! They even did an extra test for celiac. I've had some trouble with heart palpitations, too, which is an adrenal fatigue symptom. But celiac can also cause cardiovascular problems, so Dr. Sheridan wanted to check it out. I do not have celiac! As much as I love reading gluten-free girl, I'd rather not have to eat completely gluten-free seeing as my yeast-free diet is already very restricted.

I was pretty ecstatic, and probably the most enthusiastic patient that nurse talked to all day. God is so kind to send us crystal-clear encouragement when we need it, and I needed good news badly.

At Church on Sunday, the reader was our friend Thom. He's the coolest guy and reads Scripture like nobody's business - he gets your attention. The first reading was Proverbs 3:1-8. I literally grinned ear to ear when I heard verses 7-8:

"Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the LORD and turn away from evil.
It will be healing to your body
And refreshment to your bones

Can I have an amen?

Johnny and I also walked around the neighborhood today; I needed fresh air. My legs were still weak, but I decided to live out another verse Thom read on Sunday:

"I discipline my body, and make it my slave"

This reminds me of what President Theodore Roosevelt said as a young, very sick child. His kind Dad said, "Theodore, you have the mind but you have not the body. And without the body, the mind cannot go as far as it should. You must make your body. It is hard drudgery to make one's body, but I know you will do it." Theodore said, "By Heaven, I will, Father! I will make my body!"

I'm with you, Teddy.

In closing, here are scenes from my day ~ morning 'til our afternoon walk:

[I am now a proud member of the "How to Terrorize Your Sock Monkey" flickr group. I must have bigger sock monkeys!]

[the cup & saucer found while antiquing in Gruene, TX, and Johnny's talking drum. And the wine I'll drink when we say, "Adios, yeast."]

[on the bottom it says "Franciscan Earthenware (1954)." St. Francis might approve.]

[our backyard tree]

[the same tree ~ this photo by Johnny]

[is this kale? We love it.]

[I love bare, winter branches]

[in our front yard]

[back home, above our front door. It's a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law and her family.]

P.S. ~ My new favorite y.f. meal is organic (or natural) chicken hot dogs, no bun; with a side of plain taro chips or a heaping pile of organic salad greens. I once had a friend who loved regular ole hot dogs. He loved them, as I recall. At that time, I read what was in those hot dogs - disgusting ingredients - but he didn't care. He happily ingested all of those nasty mouse parts (yes, I read that).

Kierstin likes those hot dogs, too, and I'm so glad they bring her (and him) joy, but I still can't go there. I need real chicken, beef, or turkey in my hot dogs. These chicken hot dogs contain paprika which reminds me - my friend Amy's children love natural hot dogs as well. Her son Ian says paprika really cute - like, "Pa-PREE-ka." Today I spoke with Amy's son Athan on the phone. When he says, "Hi, Miss Jenni!" 'tis music to my ears. Today he said it really loud, with gusto. Yes, it is a very good day indeed, hallelujah.


Christine said...

AMEN!!!!! I love that leaf cup and saucer.

Johnny! said...

TR (the President, not Trent Reznor) was appalled when people called him "Teddy." He'll probably forgive you, these days.

Kimberly said...

As usual, great post! You inspire me with how honest you are while going through this journey to better health. I continue to pray for you.

BTW, your pictures (and Johnny's) continue to improve. Good job!

Kimberly said...

Oh yeah, I think that is kale. Cool picture.

jenni said...

Stine - thank you.

Sweets - good to know.

Kimberly - thank you, too.