"your face is like starlight when He walks in"

I'll write about Austin tomorrow. Today started early. I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon and I have to fast six hours prior. So, I got up early to eat a big breakfast and drink very necessary caffeine. I burned soft Japanese incense. I looked at the sky. I purchased the song "Ten Thousand Angels" from iTunes - we heard it on Grey's Anatomy last night (we taped it). First of all, it was an amazing episode. Those are some of the best writers on television, I do believe. Please, pay them what they deserve so I can (selfishly) watch my "stories" (as Johnny calls them).

"Ten Thousand Angels" was performed by Caedmon's Call, vocals by Derek Webb, lyrics written by his wife, Sandra McCracken. Her song was placed perfectly during a powerful ending to that episode. A few tears escaped me. Granted, I'm an emotional wreck right now, but it wasn't just that. The end of the show was very redemptive; the whole episode peeked into redemption, in fact. The song itself was so beautiful and wise.

After breakfast, I cradled my tea and looked at the sky again. I confess a few tears escaped once more. This is such a hard time in my life, yet I know that God is near - very close. Songs like Sandra's "Shelter", and now "Ten Thousand Angels", are the true kind of comforts. Lately I've told a few people that after the Bible, a good book helps me order my thoughts, and so does a great song.

"Ten Thousand Angels"

how long you have traveled in darkness weeping
no rest in language, no words to speak
but there in the wreckage
beneath bricks and bindings
love has come, love has come for you

against the night sky of your waiting
your face is like starlight when He walks in
everything worth keeping
comes through dyin’
love has come, love has come for you

lift up your heart now, to this unfolding
all that is broken will be restored
here runs deep waters
for all who are thirsty
love has come, love has come for you

ten thousand angels will light your pathway
until the day breaks fully in the East
they will surround you
and make your way straight
love has come, love has come for you
love has come, love has come for you

[Words and music by Sandra McCracken. All rights reserved.]

* You can download Sandra's version for free, and while you're at it, buy Caedmon's Call's version on iTunes for 99 cents.


allison said...

I, too, needed that today. Thank you!

jenni said...

You are welcome. :)

Jenni's Mom said...

Loved this song. Thanks for sharing. I pray with all of my heart that you will be feeling better soon, precious one.

jenni said...

Thank you, sweet Mama.