holy basil

In keeping with my my love for India and tea, I reviewed Organic India Tulsi tea for The Sustainable Scoop.

Looking around Organic India's site was interesting. As I mentioned in my review, I strongly believe that herbs are very beneficial to our health, but I do not believe in Ayurveda. Looking further into Organic India's site, I read this page, and the following paragraph caught my eye:

"As Tulsi traveled west along the early trade routes from the Orient to Europe, it became known to the Christians as 'sacred' or 'holy' basil as is reflected in its Latin botanical name, Ocimum sanctum. They hailed Tulsi as 'The King of Herbs' instead of as a queen, and Holy Basil became routinely included in legends, offerings, and worship rituals and was looked on by many as a gift of Christ."

I'm still learning about eschatology, but my husband is a confident post-millienialist. "Posty", as I like to call him. Basically he believes, and I quote, "Christ's kingdom, inaugurated at His ascension, will continue to grow, bringing increasing obedience, dominion, peace, and prosperity to the world until all of His enemies, including death, are put under His feet, at which time He will return to judge the world. As the nations are discipled, they bring into the kingdom their cultures' particular gifts." Johnny is very convincing, and from a Biblical point of view, not just his personal opinions. In fact, who would like Johnny to blog about his "posty" views?

Every time he preaches this particular mini-sermon, my eyes grow wide just envisioning that beautiful scene which I believe more and more is our future. At the same time, I feel a great responsibility as a Christian to get busy spreading that dominion. And yes, even while drinking tea. I cannot dismiss Tulsi tea just because the box spouts Ayurvedic principles, stemming from Hinduism. The one true God created Tulsi, not Lord Brahma.

Is Tulsi good for our health? As you can read in my review - yes indeed. In fact, I believe God gifted the Indian culture (and other cultures) with a natural ability to discern the medicinal properties of herbs - that He infused into plants during Creation. I further believe this by all that I've learned while undergoing treatment at the Hotze clinic, founded by a Christian who prays for each doctor he hires, I've been told. 95% of my medication is vitamins, minerals, and herbs. You know, elements that comprise our very bodies (vitamins & minerals) and plants - all created by God.

So, you and I need to develop the ability to think through such issues instead of huddling into a Christian subculture, with only what is familiar under our belts. If something is evil, by all means, flee. But if it's an unknown herbal tea, do a little research, talk to your doctor, and drink up. Even do some yoga afterwards. It is great for our bodies, but just pray to God (or something equally positive) while you pose, 'k?


kate ortiz said...

well now, if i lived a bit closer i'd love to come over and have a little postmillenial tea party with you and johnny...though i must admit i'm a bit on the fence when it comes to all things eschatological - now that's a fun word to use.

Johnny! said...

Boy, that Cab Calloway could eschat like nobody's business. It's a shame we lost him.

jenni said...

Kate - if in Houston/Katy, come on over. I have plenty of tea, and Johnny has plenty to share.

Johnny - I forgot to mention that you're also a comedian....