[photo by Johnny]

That photo is from a few days ago. Harley looks like that right now, too, except he is across the room on the brown couch. Milo is in our bathroom, napping on a hand towel (our cats like the texture of towels). Johnny is drum-shopping with a musician friend. And I - I'm reveling in true peace and quiet, sitting in that khaki chair. The day is too gray for my liking. I feel exactly like Harley, but even so, thankfully, I feel that peace. It is a marvel to me that just this morning, no peace. But after breakfast, prayer, and two (more) mugs of organic chai ~ peace.

Tomorrow is a busy day:

-TMJ follow-up appt., bright and early. Yay.
-Back to Barnes & Noble to reward my bravery. I'm hoping to find the Feb. 2008 issue of Poetry, thanks to Shari's blog (#514) today. I really love Louise Gl├╝ck and Jorie Graham.
-Ash Wednesday service.
-Over the Rhine concert @ 7:00 pm.

For some reason, Johnny and I thought our Church's Ash Wed. service was scheduled for noon. Come to find out, no - it's at 7:00 pm right before Over the Rhine takes the stage. OTR is not more important than Church, but since they rarely come to Houston and we already purchased tickets, we will find another good Ash Wednesday service during the afternoon.

Tomorrow - the day of ashes - begins the season of Lent. A time of repentance, discipline, and waiting, eagerly anticipating one of my favorite holy-days: Easter. I'm reducing my internet time during Lent. This will mean fewer blog entries, but I'm sure y'all will survive. For me, it will be a challenge at first, but I am looking forward to the change. During Lent each year, I've learned a bit more about "the simplicity that is in Christ." I love simplicity, especially of this kind. Change and waiting are not natural leanings for me, yet look what I read this morning:

"This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:
'Only in returning to Me and waiting for Me will you be saved.
In quietness and confidence is your strength
[Isaiah 30:15a]


"Therefore the Lord will wait, that He may be gracious to you;
And therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you.
For the Lord is a God of justice;
Blessed are all those who wait for Him
[Isaiah 30:18]

So see? The waiting is well worth my time.

Oh. Bread and Wine (the book I mentioned yesterday) is OK, but if y'all recommend a great Lent/Easter book, please do tell. Thank you.


allison said...

If you did not yet buy that issue of Poetry I'll send you mine...I've finished it and my bookshelves will thank me!

jenni said...

Allison - seriously?? That would be fantastic! Thank you.

Sarah Marie said...

Over the Rhine? I'm so jealous. Looks like we've got very similar taste in tunes, my dear. I'm going to a Derek Webb concert this weekend!

nicole said...

jenni, sarah marie is a friend of mine from in town here. hey, did johnny get ben's email? he's only sent one so far. you two have been in our prayers. xo!

Kimberly said...

Gregg will be at the concert tomorrow. Look for him! There were only standing-room-only tickets left by the time we got to buying them. I was afraid I wouldn't be up to standing that whole time so it's just Gregg going. :~(

kateortiz said...

i'm with you on the needing to find a good lent/easter book. there seem to be lots of good ones on advent/christmas but the present season's pickings seem to be lacking. i've been on the hunt so i'll let you know if i find anything.
and have a fabulous time at the otr concert.

jenni said...

Hi, Sarah! D.W. will be a great show, too.

Nicole ~ no wonder I like Sarah so much! Johnny said he e-mailed your hubby...did his e-mail get lost in cyberspace? And thanks for your prayers.

Kimberly ~ We will look for Gregg, but we will miss you! We are praying for you.

Thanks, Kate!

Kimberly said...

Well, Gregg ended up staying home because of how the week's been for us. Be sure to let us know how the concert went!