my valentine

It's been a rough week, folks. I'm hanging in there, but barely. It occurred to me late last night, "Crap! Tomorrow is Valentine's Day." I confessed to Johnny, "I'm so sorry, but I didn't get you a gift. Not even a card. I'm sooo sorry." He seemed to care less. Really, Valentine's is not our big day to express love. We kind of think Valentine's Day is highly overrated. Our "big day" is our anniversary, but February 14th? Eh.

However, there is a part of me that likes to celebrate this froofy holiday a little bit. I mean, I am a chick after all. I may not wear a lot of makeup, but I do love flowers. Today, Johnny proved once again that indeed, he gets me. He ran a few errands and I honestly thought this might be the year of no flowers (I was OK). But he arrived home with a dozen red roses. Like my grandfather with a green thumb, roses will always take my breath away. One of Johnny's errands was to pick up vitamins, so he walked over to the couch, dramatically handed me the bouquet with one hand, and with the other hand, a box of vitamins. I found his gesture to be comical, especially since I was/am still in pajamas, wearing my TMJ mouth guard. How romantic.

Along with timeless roses, I have a soft spot for love songs, too. This week I've been reading The Rabbit Room. Jason Gray posted a great entry: "What's Your Favorite Song Lyric?" From the second comment - lyrics by The Boss:

"Pour me a drink Theresa
In one of those glasses you dust off
And I'll watch the bones in your back
Like the stations of the cross ....

The pages of Revelation
Lie open in your empty eyes of blue
I watch you slip that comb through your hair and this I promise you

I'll work for your love, dear ....
["I'll Work For Your Love" - Bruce Springsteen - Magic]

I quickly pulled out my Moleskine and jotted down those lyrics. I started to drool which happens when I stumble across an amazing song. Actually, spittle happens when I read a great book, poem, etc., but there is something about the combination of poetic lyrics + a good melody, you know?

On an impulse buy, I purchased that song from iTunes and I've been playing it on repeat ever since. I asked Johnny, "Where has Bruce Springsteen been all my life?" Johnny said, "I don't know - he's been there. Born to Run is one of my favorite albums." As usual, I'm a bit slow.

Tonight, our big Valentine's date is to watch TV - LOST, of course, and The Boss on Storytellers (we DVRed it). Or Battlestar Galactica - Johnny loves that show.

XOXO, Sweets. I don't think I have to, but I'll work for your love. Always.
(sorry for the blog-mush, but in a great marriage, it happens)


Christine said...

I would like to remind you that Bruce Springsteen is from New Jersey.

Also, The Rising is a frickin' incredible album!

nicole said...

aw, yeah. our 'big day' is our anniversary, too. but we always fall captive to this day. how could you ignore a day of love? your roses are beautiful. he's a keeper and you're a steal. xo to you!

Johnny! said...
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jenni said...

Y'all will thank me that I deleted Johnny's comment. He IS funny, but my Mom is reading.

jenni said...

Stine, I knew he's from NJ, I promise!

I think you found a keeper, too, Nicole. He sure did.

kate ortiz said...

how sweet of him. i, too, was still under the weather and completely forgot about the day. but the husband pulled through with beautiful tulips. i had to run to the grocery store and in my sinus congested stupor i grabbed a pint of "chubby hubby" ben and jerry's for him (ok, us) romantic, i know...i'll make up for it next year. feel better!

jenni said...

Ben and Jerry's would have made my husband's day. Shoot, I'll do better next year, too.
I hope you feel better soon!