a promising lenten book

Today in my e-mail, I received notice of a Lenten book ~ Small Surrenders: A Lenten Journey by Emilie Griffin. The e-mail from Paraclete Press offered a PDF of excerpts from the book which I downloaded and read throughout the day. Emilie Griffin's writing is conversational and truthful. Each essay flows easily - enjoyable to read - but she does write with direct honesty. She does not shy away from the purpose of Lent.

Liking what I read, I subscribed to Griffin's book for $10.98. As I understand it, I'll receive the entire book via e-mail on each day during Lent and Easter. Now, this may be the only time I take part in such an e-mail project. I'm pretty adamant about holding real books in my hands until I'm old and gray, no matter what fancy electronic contraption comes my way. But I feel as if Emilie Griffin has Lenten wisdom to share, and I don't want to miss another day. If I like the whole book, I'll purchase a physical copy next year.

This was from Thursday after Ash Wednesday:

"Jesus tells us we must learn the way of self-discipline and self-denial. At the same time, He tells us not to worry, not to be anxious, not to be afraid. To accept our lives with all their constraints, for Jesus' sake, is a small surrender. That is one way we can follow Jesus and take up the Cross."

Seemingly simple, and very true. I like people who tell me the truth.

* - If you'd like to read the PDF, shoot me an e-mail (see my profile) and I'll send it along your merry way.


nicole said...

jenni, thank you for emailing me this. i still need to write you back, but i will. i hope you've had an enjoyable weekend thus far! xo

jenni said...

You are welcome, Nicole.