tea, vanilla, and to be outdoors

[photo by McAuliflower]

I'm not feeling so great today, but in an attempt to be grateful.... I am now taking six Nystatin (intense antifungal) pills and three Armour thyroid pills a day. This is huge because back in July-August 2007, I could tolerate only dabs of Nystatin powder on a toothpick, and for some odd reason, my body couldn't handle Armour initially. God has brought me very far, and though my attitude is a bit foul today, I'm very thankful. The necessity of a slow pace is a mystery to me, but if I can handle six Nystatin for a few weeks, then I should feel much more like a new person. My doctor might do a back flip, too.

During my slow climb to health, a recent comfort has been vanilla black tea w/liquid stevia + coconut milk. It's about as close as I can get to ice cream in a cup. However, the tea I've been drinking is not organic and the vanilla flavor is artificial. Obviously, I'm not too uptight - I've been drinking it - but I always seek out organic and fair trade foodstuffs. This morning, by way of Google, I found rishi's vanilla black tea on sale at The Cozy Roast. This made me happy, as well as the pure ingredients:

Organic Fair Trade Certified™ black tea, organic vanilla bean, natural essential vanilla oil.

There we go! That's my kind of tea. But I must be careful - rishi tea's site is full of delicious temptations.

.... I think some of you would want to know that I rank the Juniper Ridge mail catalog right up there with Toast. Beautiful photography, matte paper, and inspiring products. I feel as if I'm in the mountains while flipping J.R. pages. This is good. Some people are coastal - they live for the beach. Others live for the mountains, like me. On my wish list:
-A a bar of soap. But which scent? Maybe sage.
-More tea. How about the gift pack? I like that enamel mug.
-Juniper incense - the only one I don't have.

What are you drinking and perusing?

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